About Keen’s Adirondack Photography

My name is Joel Keen.  I’m a part-time nurse at LCGH and a professional photographer.  I grew up in Black River, NY and went to Carthage Central School and then bounced back and forth between Gouverneur, NY and Watertown, NY, and a few other places, until I was 42 years old.  I had a divorce and my my lovely new wife, Heather Timm Keen.  I now reside in Old Forge, NY.  I have a love for photography and how capturing a brief moment in time with a photo can encapsulate that moment forever.   Whether it is weddings, landscapes, portraits, real estate, or even taking selfies, I simply love it.  I received my Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Certificate (or drone license for short), so I can use my UAV for commercial purposes, with the biggest initial purpose of assisting my wife, Heather Timm Keen, in her real estate business, Home in the Adirondack.  I have now grown to providing other Real Estate business with Real Estate photography.  I am mostly self taught but I also don’t recreate the wheel, which gives me a feeling of freedom with taking the pictures that I want to take.  Maybe it’s due to no formal schooling in photography, but I don’t follow any real rules.  People can argue all day about the rule of thirds, different composition rules, leading lines or symmetry and patterns and the proper way to shoot and when you can or cannot break those rules.  I simply shoot what feels or seems right to shoot for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have all these rules in the back of my mind when shooting, but I am also comfortable doing what I want and letting the viewer decide if I made the right choice.  I never had any formal training. I picked up a camera, experimented and if I became stuck on something, I would turn to YouTube a free online courses or a friend with some camera knowledge.   I’m on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, so you can take your pick on where to follow me, or just pick all 3.  I would love for you to continue with me on my photography journey.